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Own your authority. Feel your value. Assume your feminine leadership as you journey thru this fairy tale saga. 2 free chapters.

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The Princess and the Empty Treasure Chest

Alone, destitute and persecuted she walked the dark forest, lamenting her losses. Then she found her father’s treasure chest, but the King’s chest was empty. Or was it? As Rayna meets the magical lady Inlakesh, the treasure chest starts filling up. One by one ~as she takes ownership of her authority~ Rayna fills the chest with magical riches. Her life turns around and she remembers her true station in life. She is not a poor nobody. She is the rightful Queen. Will she step up and save her people?

Story Saga

  • The Princess and the Empty Treasure Chest Story Saga
  • The Story Saga is an interactive novel that you enjoy and participate in as I write, hot from the oven. It is delivered in seasons and episodes, like a TV show. Each weekly episode is accompanied by a Story Alchemy. 
  • In the free trial, you enjoy two weeks of Story Saga, so that you familiarize yourself with the weekly Story Saga and Story Alchemy that you will enjoy as a paying member for the first year.

Story Alchemy

"The Princess and the Empty Treasure Chest" is a fantasy in the fairy tale tradition. It is also a Story Journey that walks you through the process of owning your value, standing in your authority and assuming your female leadership. These are the emotional tasks required for success, prosperity, expertise, visibility and leadership.
It does so through the enchanting story of a princess who finds herself destitute and fugitive in The Forest after her father is killed and an evil impostor takes the throne. Her people are suffering and the kingdom is crumbling. Will the princess step up into her power, risking her life; or will she stay hidden, safe and dwelling in the past, in her loss and thinking of herself as a "nobody."?
The Story Alchemy is a quest to accompany Rayna as she fills the empty treasure chest, discovering her Infinite Inner treasures. each chapter sees Rayna completing a task that retrieves one of the treasures. 
You also discover your own inner treasures with the protagonist through the quest, shamanic secrets and tools and ARTchemy projects in each episode of The Princess and the Empty Treasure Chest. When you complete each step and share in the Story Alchemy Community, you get a badge representing that treasure. It's a fun quest using creativity, ceremony and storytelling!
The Story Alchemy includes:

  • ARTchemy(tm) Projects

Each monthly story and weekly story saga chapter includes a creative project through which you can transform your limiting stories into stories of living your dreams.
These creative projects combine writing, arts and crafts and other creative expressions with alchemical shamanic processes, allowing you to have fun and employ your creativity as you quicken and deepen your transformation.

Video Journeys

Each chapter includes a video through which I guide you through the key concepts and offer questions and exercises to apply them to your life, so that you become the protagonist in this quest for your Infinite Inner Treasures.

Journaling Questions

Through answering the journaling questions, you will apply the concepts and the story to your own situation. If you want guided journaling through a secure, private online journaling service that allows you to share your journal with Maria Mar for feedback and support, choose the PREMIUM course. You will need to unsubscribe to this regular course and subscribe to the PREMIUM one.

Self-assessment tools

Some chapters include a self-assessment tool or quiz for you to get a sense where you are at in your life right now in reclaiming each of the treasures in the treasure chest.

Poetry Journeys

Many stories and Story Quests include a poem and or prayer for this purpose. Some poems are designed as journeys.

Public, easy Discussion and Q&A

For those of you who like chatting and want easy, accessible way to ask question fast, the lessons all have a Disquss comment section where you can post questions, share insights and feedback and interact with other members. However, this is a public comment forum and some of you may want something more private to comment and share your process.

Story Alchemy Creative Community

Join our Story Alchemy Community to join the conversation, enjoy the support of other creative women. In this private community you can share your quest and stories, get more in-depth answers and receive the support and celebration of like-hearted women like you.


Journaling Guidance

Enjoy weekly guided journaling in a bank-level secured online service. Share your journal, including images. Invite Maria to give you feedback. Throuh loving support and guidance, you will do your own quest and assume your value, authority and leadership with confidence. 
After your trial coupon ends, you need to unsubscribe to this regular course and subscribe to the PREMIUM one.

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Intended Audience: women, creative women, spiritual seekers, story quest, spiritual quest, femenine leadership, self-esteem, owning your authority, for women only

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Story Lovers Club Fre Trial
What is Story Alchemy? Download Blueprint here.
What to do
Welcome Kit-Video
Community, Communication and Q&A
Chapter 1: The Empty Treasure Chest
Introduction to the quest
Introduction: Infinite Inner Treasures: Retrieve, name and own your value
Video Guidance for your Quest: Chapter 1: The Coin of Ownership
QUIZ: Coin of Ownership
ARTCHEMY:Ceremony to feed your Inifinite Inner Treasures
MORE ARTchemy: Create a Word Cloud with your Inifinite Inner Treasures
Story Saga: Chapter 2: The Pearls of Self-love
Introduction to Story Quest
Video Guidance for your Quest
Path 2: Primary Responses + Self-assessment Tool
Path 3: The Alchemy of Vulnerability
CEREMONY: The Alchemy of Vulnerability

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