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Look at the subtitle to find the purpose of a Story Journey.

Story Journeys

Each Story Journey engages you in a soulful, magical shamanic journey to address your specific issues, quicken your transformation, release limiting stories holding you back and create new solutions that embody your best potential.

Each Story Journey includes one or more of these creative activities:
1.Journal Writing
1. Art Journaling
5.arts & crafts
6. Dance or movement
7. Voice, song, mantras
8. Ritual collages
9. Your favorite arts & crafts

Each Story Journey includes several modules, such as:
1.Storybook or story
3.One or more Story Alchemy: modules guiding you through the journey.
4.What to do: Step by step guide
6.Audios or other multi-media tools
7.Lists of materials and resources
8.Links to tools and resources
9.Optional Private support for you
10.:Links to other online reading
11.Forum for Q&A
12. Private Questions: Ask the Shaman

Story Journeys

Look at the subtitle to discover the goal of a journey.

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Open the Magical Stories Treasure Chest and discover the power of Story as alchemy. Four Stories. Four Story Journeys.


Maria Mar

Story Journey: Dreamtime Horrors & Miracles

Enter Dreamtime. Discover how your psyche heals you and transforms your life as you sleep. Understand nightmares as psychic detox.


Maria Mar

Story Journey: The Healing Tears

She did not want to cry. She felt too vulnerable. Then she discovered the healing power of tears! How to transmute loss into love.


Maria Mar

Story Journey: Faith Manque

Discover how to activate your faith to manifest your dreams in this story journey with ceremony, arts & crafts project and poems.


Maria Mar

The Princess and the Empty Treasure Chest-Free Tri

Own your authority. Feel your value. Assume your feminine leadership as you journey thru this fairy tale saga. 2 free chapters.


Maria Mar

Story Journey: Living my Brilliance

Go from holding back and playing small to living your brilliance. Storybook, playbook, story journey, visual aids, email prompts.


Maria Mar

Story Journeys are created by

Maria Mar

Maria Mar


Enjoy delightful stories artfully crafted by a master storyteller who embeds shamanic secrets, insights and tools from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom into the story so that you can use it as a journey to live your brilliance.

Hi! I am Maria Mar.

When I perform a story on stage, I take audiences into a shamanic journey in which they become SpectActors (instead of passive spectators) experiencing instant transformation.

In my writings I offer you a similar experience: to become the protagonist. Instead of bwinf the READER of the story you become the RIDER of the story!

These Story Journeys transform the story or storybook into a map that you can travel to change YOUR life story.

If you are a creative woman...

* Seeking change
* Undergoing a transformation
* Going through a healing process
* Wanting to break through and break free
* Dreaming of living your brilliance and freeing your radiance
* Longing to embody your purpose
* Needing to share your gifts and talents with the world but feeling something holding you back, or
* Working to manifest your dreams in your life, then...

...I can help you employ your creativity to transmute the lead of your limitations into the gold of your possibilities.