Story Journey: Living my Brilliance

Go from holding back and playing small to living your brilliance. Storybook, playbook, story journey, visual aids, email prompts.

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From Hiding in Plain Sight to Living my Brilliance

Storybook  and Playbook Wake up your Creative Genius

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The Book: Living my Brilliance

This Story Journey includes a full length Story book with my own story from self-sabotage to living my brilliance

This book includes my story from:

  • Doubting my creativity,
  • Holding back because of feeling insufficient and
  • Believing I could not have the talents I longed for, and
  • Living a double life, doing a job to pay the bills and then paying to do my art "on the side"...


  • Freeing my Creative Genius
  • Making a living from my art the minute I made an oath
  • and embodying my purpose in a business, products and brilliant life.


  • Find why Creatives have so much self-doubts and find it hard to believe they can make a living from their gifts.
  • Understand why the educational system traumatized your Creative Genius and why things are changing now.
  • Discover why you as a woman may hate the words "success, power and leadership" and how that is affecting you.
  • Discover why your time as a Creative is now and how "Creativity" is the key word for success in the 21st century.
  • Learn a new way to become a Feminine Leader that does not drive you crazy and enriches your femininity. (For creative guys this helps you mellow and reduce stress as you work.)


  • PDF Format
  • 162 Pages
  • Story book and Playbook included

The Playbook

The playbook Wake Up your Creative Genius! includes a playbook for you to employ your creativity to change your Tiny Story and begin to live your brilliance.

  • Play for transformation! (It's better than struggling with the changes you need to create the life you want.)
  • Use my stories of how I reclaim my Creative Genius as a springboard to reclaim yours.
  • Enjoy shamanic insights and tools to shift your perception, flip your reality, see the invisible and rewrite your Tiny Story
  • Have fun with creative projects as a path to live your brilliance with ease and grace
  • Includes infographics, tables, tools, graphics and more!

The playbook includes:

• Art projects (Artchemy™)
• Self-evaluation tools
• Journaling questions
• Shamanic practices
• Conscious Living Practices
• And more!

Visualization Tools

I've added more than a dozen visualization digital posters, infographics, samples and illustrations that you can download, print, use as screensavers.

Living my Brilliance Story Journey

The Living my Brilliance Story Journey has 5 stages.
  • There is one stage for each chapter in the book and five "legs" for each stage --one per day.
  • The sixth day you evaluate the journey.
  • The seven day you rest and relax.

Motivational emails

You receive motivational and inspirational emails directly into your inbox every day for 5 weeks.

  • Inspiring Quote from Maria Mar and other spiritual teachers, masters and creatives
  • Motivational Shamanic Insight: Shift your perception and see the possibilities!
  • Link to the Playground at the Story Lovers Club, if you want to take action.
  • You can click in the emails to come to this Playground.

In this Playground --or Story Journey--

  • Directions to Play for Transformation
  • Templates and infographics to play for transformation
  • Instructions to take simple, doable actions to change your Tiny Story each week, day by day.
  • Integrate your body, emotions and energy to quicken and deepen your genius awakening.

For the price of one meal you can get the storybook/playbook, ten posters and a 41 day Story Journey guided by Maria Mar to inspire, motivate and direct you to Wake Up your Creative Genius now.
Enjoy and employ your creativity on behalf of your dream and begin to live your brilliance.

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Course Curriculum

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Inspiring Quote
Overview: What will happen
Alchemical Actions
List of Materials
DAY 0: Embrace your Transformation
Inspiring Quote
Internal Action: Embrace your Transformation
Activate your Brilliance Declaration
Day 1: Setting up your Intention
Inspiring Quote
Internal Action
External Action
Journal Writing
Day 2: Have fun and play
Inspiring Quote
Internal Action: Call your Sacred Child
External Action: Play
Journal Writing
Day 3: Follow your Heart!
Internal Action: Listen to your Heart
External Action: Do what your heart tells you
Journal Writing
Day 4: I can’t and How can I?
Internal Action: Changing the Leash
External Action: Playing Possibilities
Journal Writing
Day 5: Gift Embodiment
Internal Action: Eat the Star
External Action: Walk the Star

Maria Mar