Story Journey: Faith Manque

Discover how to activate your faith to manifest your dreams in this story journey with ceremony, arts & crafts project and poems.

Story Journey: Faith Manque

The Story

She was praying when the phone rang. She answered and began complaining. That's when the Angel fell upon her, like the angel in Jacob's story.
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The Story Journey

Story Journeys are spiritual quests undertaken as you enter a shamanic story by Maria Mar and use it as a blueprint for your own life. They include creative activities, shamanic tools, ceremonies and multi-media experiences that quicken and deepen your transformation.

The story is decoded in five alchemies that allow you to:
  • Give arms to your faith by the way you reach out to whatever is happening as a bridge to your dream. You learn to use your attention, intention, energy and appreciation every day to build your dream.
  • Give hands to your faith by balancing giving and receiving
  • Give legs to your faith by taking risks, befriending the mystery in life as the place you meet the Divine and by drawing courage to take your transformation as the transportation to your destination.
  • Give feet to your faith through choice and action
  • Give wings to your faith through delight. Follow delight into the light.

The artchemy project is a tableau or series of tableu that you can paint or collage during an intentional ceremony to give limbs and wings to your faith.

Your transformation in this Story Journey:

Marry your faith to your manifestation actions so that you can use the power of spirit within you to change habits, take risks, implement your vision and live your brilliance. This is not about religion. It is about spiritual faith. Sometimes we have a strong faith, but we are not applying it in our daily life, choices, words and actions. This Story Journey helps you do that.

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This is what you can achieve with this Story Journey

  • Heal the split between your spirituality and your lifestyle
  • Employ your faith every day in healing, manifestation, goal achieving, success and any other transformation you need.
  • Live and work in a state of grace as you stop feeling that you are alone, stop struggling and co-create solutions with the Divine.
  • Heal the limiting habits of complaining, negativity and helplessness as you assume your role as co-creator of your life.
  • Open your mind and heart to divine guidance every day. See the answer show up! See the solution appear as if by magic. Hear your questions answered almost immediately.
  • Engage your creativity with a fun, life-changing ARTchemy (arts and crafts project as alchemy)
  • Focus your attention and the power of your faith in a time-intense ceremony to quicken your transformation.
  • Through Journal writing questions, you will go through the process of giving your faith arms, hands, legs, feet and finally wings.
  • Close the ceremony as you launch your faith into the Youniverse and Universe, so that you can fly into your dreams and potential.


Creative Activities:

  • Journal Writing
  • Ceremony
  • ARTchemy
  • Conscious Living Practices


  1. Story: Faith Manque
  2. Ceremonial Instructions
  3. ARTchemy instructions
  4. Alchemy 1: Giving arms to your faith
  5. Poem to clear your Beliefsphere
  6. ARTspirations
  7. Alchemy 2: Giving hands to your Faith
    Poem: I am supported
    Poem: The Right Hand of Faith
  8. Alchemy 3: Giving legs to your Faith
  9. ALchemy 4: Giving Feet to your Faith
  10. Shamanic Glossary
  11. My Recommended Tools
  12. Resources (Links, books and tools)
  13. Community and Q&A
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Intended Audience: women, spiritual people seeking manifestation or going through transformation

Intended Audience: women, women stories, fantasy readers, women seeking transformation, spiritual creative women, readers of insipirational stories, women seeking life purpose, shamanic stories, shamanism, spiritual women, spiritual seekers wanting to cultivate an active faith

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Overview: Giving your Faith Limbs and Wings
The Quest
Creating Sacred Space for the Ceremony
Open Ceremony
‚ÄčThe Artchemy
Working with the Third Eye Chakra
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Private Guided Journal Writing with Maria Mar
Shamanic Glossary
Story: Faith Manque
Introduction to Story Alchemy 1: Giving Arms to your Faith
Giving Arms to your Faith: 1.Follow your Grace and co-create with Divine Guidance
Task 2: 2. Illumine your possibilities from within
Task 3: Acknowledge and strengthen your blessings
Ceremonial Artchemy: Rosary of Blessings
Task 4: Open the lock in your lack
Poem to clear your Beliefsphere
ARTspiration: Be the light!
ARTspiration: illuminate the world with your radiance.
Giving hands to your Faith
Poem: I am supported
Poem: The Right Hand of Faith
ARTspiration: Receiving
ARTspiration: Take out your Greatness
Giving Legs to your Faith
ARTspiration: Why take action?
ARTspiration: Take the transportation!
Give your Faith Feet
ARTspiration: You are a part, not apart
Giving Wings to your Faith
Poem: May I Drink from my own Nectar
Prayer: Help me grow wings
Create your Active Faith Album
Closing Ceremony
Community and Q&A
Premium private Support
Resources: Tools, book, links

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