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Grab a Handful of Stories. This free anthology includes 10 shamanic stories, each with a short Story Alchemy.

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The Power of Story as Alchemy

Experience the power of shamanic stories as alchemy to transmute the lead of your limitations into gold of your brilliance illuminating the world.

This free trial gives you a delicious experience of how shamanic stories infuse your life with REAL magic that you can use to live a more meaningful, rich and joyful life and make your dreams come true.

When you give the Story Lovers Club a try, you get two magical treats:
  • An anthology of shamanic stories and
  • A Treasure Chest of Magical Stories.

“Stories are the only imagined structure that can lay down actual memories, as if you had experienced the event directly in real life.
This gives story the alchemical power to rewrite reality.” Maria Mar 

Week 1:

Welcome Kit

An Introduction to Story Alchemy. Learn what STory Alchemy is and how to use shamanic stories as blueprints to change your life. Includes:
  • The Story Alchemy Primer (ebook, PDF format)
  • Introductory Video
  • Story Alchemy posters for visualization

Storybook: Grab a Handful of Stories

This storybook contains:

  • 10 shamanic stories
  • Shamanic insights, secrets and tools to understand the story as a blueprint for your life.

This experience gives you a greater sense of how a story can help you in your transformation, manifestation, personal growth and spiritual evolution. It also allows you to taste our story books, as many of the Story Journeys in this site include a downloadable storybook.

Weeks 2-4: A Treasure Chest of Magical Stories

After week 1, you will open a Magical Chest of Stories and Story Journeys.

A Story Journey allows you to use the story as a map for a specific goal or transformation.

The Full Membership has two types of bundles:
  • Story Journey: Includes the story with one or more Story Alchemies that allow you to apply the story to your life.
  • Story Saga: One long story (equivalent to a full-length novel) filtered through weekly episodes. Each episode draws you into the story. You become the protagonist and undergo a ceremony of transformation based on the plot of the story. For example, in The Princess with the Empty Treasure Chest, you gain the magical objects that allow you to stand in your self-authority and become the queen of your life and the expert in your field.
During Weeks 2-3, you will receive two Story Journeys.

Each Story Journey includes:
  • The Story
  • One or more Story Alchemies that allow you to apply the story to your transformation.

Week 4

In Week 4 you will enjoy the first episode of a Story Saga. This will give you a taste of the power of Story Sagas.

Story Sagas are experiential novels where you become the protagonist and go through the same transformation she is going through. These story sagas are designed to empower, uplift and transform you while you play, create and gracefully participate in the imaginative journey created by the shaman.

In Week 4 you will participate in the Episode 1 of the Story Saga The Princess with the Empty Treasure Chest.

Through this Story Saga, you acquire magical objects in an induction into Female self-authority, confidence and leadership.

“Your brain stores reality in the form of story. It is the default format of your subconscious mind.
An experience becomes a Story Field; then a Neural Map that your mind applies to any similar situation.
The most graceful, creative and radical way to change your habits and recurring limitations is to find and change the Story Field that sustains them.” Maria Mar

What are Story Alchemies?

Story Alchemies are like the bottle where the genie lives. They allow the genie in the shamanic story to come out and help you apply the story to your  transformation.Depending on the story, there can be one to three Story Alchemies in a Story Journey. These Story Alchemies can include any or all of these features:

  • Journal writing questions to help you apply the wisdom in the story to your life.
  • Step-by-step processes and practices modeled from the story and taking you through a particular solution or transformation.
  • Multi-media tools, such as audio meditations or videos.
  • Videos with more guidance or a journey of transformation.
  • Self-assessment tools to gauge where you are at in your quest and what issues you need to address.
  • ARTspirations, which are eye-opening, heart-opening, mind-opening quotes with an image for stronger impact.
  • Art Journaling instructions and often videos leading you through a visual process.
  • ARTchemy(tm) Project that allows you to use arts & crafts as ceremony to quicken your transformation or manifestation. It may include collages, ceremonial tableaus, magical chests, dream baskets, movement, sound alchemies and other creative activities.
  • Ceremony or ritual actions for that transformation.
  • Poetry Journeys where a poem is illustrated with matching music to take you into a transformational experience.
  • Posters and other visual aid for your devices.

“Story Alchemy™ is the process of using story and creativity to transmute the lead of lack, wounds and limitations
into the gold of resourcefulness, personal power and possibilities.” Maria Mar

Why do I want to use Story Alchemy(tm)?

  • Play for transformation
  • Make change a graceful experience instead of a struggle
  • Employ your creativity on behalf of your dreams
  • Activate your faith. Give it arms and legs to reach your dreams and goals.
Story Alchemy(tm) allows you to use a shamanic story to change an aspect of your life that needs a transformation. Shamanic stories are written as instant experiences of transformation. They walk you through experiential understanding.

Stories are the only imagined structure that can lay down actual memories. When you read or hear a story, your brain frequency entrains with the storyteller and you experience the story as a real event. You store it in your subconscious mind not as information, but as experience. This allows you to use a shamanic story to create new Story Fields that can lay down new Neural Maps to change your life.

The Story Alchemies included in the Story Journey allow you to take the Story Fields embedded in the story, apply them to your unique persona and situation and then lay them down as a new reality for yourself.

Storyteller-shaman Maria Mar creates shamanic stories specifically focused on a transformation needed to meet a specific challenge and attain the best solution.

To find out the transformation in any of the stories or Story Journeys here, look at the topic, subtitle and keywords.

You can apply Story Alchemy to:
  • The Transformation you need.
  • Healing or personal growth process
  • Manifestation of a dream or goal
  • Liberation, breaking through
  • training yourself in the mindset and heartset for success, leadership, self-expression, fulfillment
  • Embodying your purpose
  • Owning your authority and value, confidence, self-love
  • Grieving, relationships, family dynamics, family karma
  • Habits changes, dealing with your Shadows, Inner Children, etc.
  • Self-expression, freeing your voice, speaking your truth
  • Visibility, not playing small, feeling enough, stepping up
  • Walking through fear, stopping procrastination
  • Expressing your gifts and talents in the world.
  • Exploring your creativity and learning how to use it to create the life you want.


At the end of the free trial, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to the Full membership.  This will be a choice. It does not go into paid mode automatically. We will send you a notice and you can choose to upgrade or not.

In the Full membership you enjoy: 

  • Monthly Story Journey. All story journeys in this site will be available to you, dripped once a month to give you time to go through each.
  • Weekly Episode of the Story Saga (Ongoing interactive novel for the year). Enjoy a weekly episode accompanied with a Story Alchemy that allows you to become the protagonist and play for your transformation. This is a fun, magical and creative path to change your life, embody your potential and manifest your dreams.
  • Weekly Alignment Calls with Maria Mar. Align vibrationally with your story through weekly one hour vibrational ceremonies to cleanse negativity, clear intention and align with you dreams and potential.
  • Monthly Conversation with Maria Mar. Ask questions. Share your experiences. Dig deeper. Fly higher. Maria Mar brings humor, magic, depth and a treasure chest of shamanic tools to help you apply a story to your life.
  • Story Alchemy FB Community. Ask your questions. Join the conversation. Participate in Story Alchemy Events, Story Conversations and Story Alchemy Quizzes, meet new storytellers and authors and more.
  • Quick Q&A in the forum below a story.
  • Private Answers to your Story Alchemy questions. Call in any question about the story and its alchemy into the Ask your Shaman phone line, and you will be answered personally by Maria Mar.
  • VIP notices for new stories as soon as they come out. Receive early notices for my news stories, books and events.
  • 20% discount on Maria Mar's printed books.
  • Meet the Authors *Storytellers *Alchemists: You will receive Maria Mar's newsletter introducing new authors in your favorite genres, as well as shamans, alchemists, transformation experts and spiritual teachers.
  • Special invitations to seasonal events.

In the Full Membership you have access to ALL stories currently available as long as you remain an active paying member.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Story Lovers Club Fre Trial
What to do
Welcome Kit-Video
Download the anthology
The story
Shamanic Teaching: Redressing your Sacred Self
Story Alchemy 1: Release your Domestication Rags.
Story Alchemy 2: Don your Queenly Gown
Story Alchemy 3: Shifting the World
Story: An Instar for Melba
Shift from problem to possibility
ARTspiration for the quest
A Poem: The Magic Lamp
Prayer to grow your wings from within
The story: The Worthy Opponent
Story Alchemy
Shamanic Teaching: The Worthy Opponent
Artchemy: Movement
Chapter 1: The Empty Treasure Chest
Introduction to the quest
Video Guidance for your Quest: Chapter 1: The Coin of Ownership
Introduction: Infinite Inner Treasures: Retrieve, name and own your value
TREAT! Access how well you master the Coin of Ownership in your life thru this easy, quick quiz.
ARTCHEMY:Ceremony to feed your Inifinite Inner Treasures
Upgrade to the Story Lovers club discounted Pilot Program

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